Why FriendShop?


Are you an MSU student looking for a club to join?

Here are some reasons why FriendShop may be perfect for you:

  • FriendShop is one of the few clubs that does not require members to pay dues. Our organization is sustained through fundraisers and the participation of our members.
  • All majors are encouraged to join! You do not have to have experience with or a major related to working with children to join.
  • FriendShop realizes that college students are extremely busy, for this reason we only schedule two main events per month; our monthly planning meetings and our monthly activity afternoons at the East Lansing Public Library.
  • FriendShop provides an opportunity for MSU students to interact with the community.
  • For education majors, FriendShop is a great organization because of the chances it provides to work and interact with children.