Who are we?

FriendShop is a Michigan State University College of Education student organization that strives to include MSU students, together with Lansing area families in community building, educational and creative experiences; in a free, tolerant and literacy based context.

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FriendShop partners with the East Lansing Public Library to put on monthly activity afternoons that are free, accessible and fun for local children and their families. Our organization is made up of friendly and passionate MSU students who love any opportunity to connect and learn with children.
Our activity afternoons include crafts, games and activities, facilitated by our members. Our club is completely free to all participants, including its members, which differentiates FriendShop from its MSU counterparts. We make the money we use to buy craft supplies and other critical items through fundraising. We also are flexible with our members’ schedules; although there are benefits from attending most or all of our events, there is no requirement. We strive to be tolerant to everyone we interact with– to MSU students and community members of all races, cultures, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses: our goal is to create events where everyone can come together to create and play.