Family Information


For the FriendShop basics, please visit our “Who Are We?” page of this website.

What ages are FriendShop’s activity afternoons at the East Lansing Public Library geared towards?

FriendShop strives to include children of all ages. It is our goal to have at least one activity per event that is suitable for children up through middle school. However, because we do not have endless resources (and because many of our members are elementary education majors) our activities are generally best suited for children up to sixth grade. However, absolutely everyone is welcome!

Do the activity afternoons always fall on the same day each month?

Although this would be convenient and easy to remember, our activity afternoons generally fall on a different day each month. This is because FriendShop coordinates with its members’ schedules as well as the schedule of the library to find the date that works best for both parties. Unfortunately, this results in differing dates. However, our afternoons will always take place on a Sunday.

How do I know when the events will be each month?

Starting Fall 2017, we will be starting up our parent mailing list again to help keep families aware of upcoming FriendShop events. This list is for parents and families that wish to receive emails (no more than two per month) about upcoming FriendShop events. If you would like to be included on this mailing list please contact us by emailing and expressing your interest. An additional method of staying up-to-date with our organization is through our Facebook page. This is a page that can be referenced both by FriendShop members and community members. Additionally, the library will generally advertise our events at least two weeks prior to the event both in the library itself and on their online calendar located on the ELPL website.

Can I browse the library while my child participates in FriendShop activities?

Yes! Although we are not a childcare organization, all of our volunteers are very experienced in the care and learning of children. Each of our events has upwards of 7 different activity stations which will keep children entertained for a significant period of time. If both you and your child feel comfortable, you are more than welcome to browse the library while your children participate in FriendShop activities, on the condition that the adult returns before the end of the event.

If you have further questions please email us at!